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Canvas Updates

June 22nd 2020


Canvas is pushing out several feature enhancements. You will find a description of the enhancements below that will be enabled on June 22nd, in time for Summer 1 2020 courses.

Assignment Allowed Attempts

Instructors are no longer subject to having their students submit an unlimited amount of times until the "Until Date". Starting 6/22, instructors can now choose how many attempts the students will be allowed to submit.

Further information about this feature can be found on the Canvas Community.

Assignment Bulk Editing

Do you find that a class event may get in the way and everything needs to be pushed back a day? Instructors can now bulk edit dates for assignments and quizzes on one page instead of going assessment to assessment. A batch edit can be created to push multiple assessments back by a certain amount of days in one swoop.

Keep in mind that this function only changes the date, not the time of the assessments. The default time is set to 11:59 PM PT. Would you like to have the ability to also adjust the time on this page? Log into the Canvas Community and vote to show your interest in this feature.

For more information about this feature, please visit the Canvas Community.

Captioning Kaltura Videos in My Media

All videos that are uploaded to My Media on 6/13/20 or after, including those from Zoom Cloud Recordings, are now auto-captioned. Captions will be automatically displayed when viewing a video in My Media or Media Gallery. The viewer can also search for a term in the new transcript widget that appears below the video.

Prior to publishing a video to your course's Media Gallery, it is encouraged that captions are edited and reviewed. If the video was uploaded prior to June 13th, captions can be requested.

Confetti for On-Time Submissions

When students successfully submit an assignment before the due date, a celebration animation will appear. We encourage students to leave on this celebration as it is a visual way to immediately validate that their assessment has been submitted successfully. However, students do have the ability to turn off the feature.

Confetti for Valid Links

When instructors use the link validator, a celebration animation will appear if all links have a successful connection. Instructors have the ability to disable this feature.

Direct Share

Canvas now has a way for instructors to share assessments directly with another user! If you have a colleague that would like to utilize your assignment prompt, instead of giving them access to your course, you can share with them just the assignment. The assignment can then be chosen to be imported in your fellow instructor's course. Instructors can directly share assignments, quizzes, discussions and pages.

For more information about this feature, please visit the Canvas Communityy.

Help for Unpublished Courses

On an instructor's homepage, courses will now display whether or not they are published.

Module File Upload Enhancements

There is no need to continue to browse your computer to upload a file within a module. Instructors can now drag and drop multiple files from their computer to a module for the files to be instantly uploaded and attached to the module! Instructors can also now attach multiple files at one time when browsing their computer to upload a file.

Mute Notifications by Course

Users can now mute notifications specific to their enrolled courses. To edit notifications for a course, please select the "Course Notification Settings" page link on the right side of a course's homepage.

The Canvas Community has further instructions on how to enable and disable course notification settings for instructors and students.

New Analytics

The New Analytics tool allows instructors to track student data using an interactive chart or table. With New Analytics, instructors and TAs can do the following:

  • Compare a student’s grade with the rest of the class
  • Send messages to struggling students based on specific criteria
  • View the overall course grade
  • Select shapes or colors to be used in graphs for better visibility

New Analytics is currently updating once every 24 hours.

For more information about New Analytics, please visit the Canvas Community.

Rubrics in Course Navigation

The location of where to manage rubrics for a course has changed. To manage the course's rubrics, please select "Rubrics" on the course navigation, as "Manage Rubrics" will be removed from the "Outcomes" page.