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Bye, TritonEd! Hello, Canvas!


After a thorough evaluation process, which relied heavily on feedback from our UC San Diego community, the university is transitioning to a new Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, to better meet our community's needs. Canvas is currently available to instructors, along with a practice course which can be accessed from

It's time to make the switch! Attend one of our Canvas workshops, request a quick 5 minute consultation, or book an appointment with one of our specialists. Whatever step you are in the process, we are here to give you guidance and tips for a successful transition. 

Not sure what an LMS is? Read our "What is Canvas?" page for a description.

Need more information to get started? Utilize the various sections and pages of this site to get an idea of what to expect during the transitions to Canvas. Please consider attending one of our Canvas workshops or contacting the EdTech Support team to answer any of your questions.


Canvas adoption rate since Winter 2020 term has climbed up to 45%.



Plan your move

Follow our five-step checklist to get you started with Canvas.

Plan your move

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Ready to switch to Canvas?

Prepare to teach in Canvas by requesting a 5 minute consultation with one of our EdTech team members. We're here to help you get started off on the right foot!

Consultation Request

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What's to love about Canvas?

Whether it's the simplified gradebook, great mobile apps, streamlined user interface, convenient feedback tools, or the insightful analytics, instructors will find a lot to love about Canvas.

Explore Canvas' features

The top 5 Canvas features include a modern UI, gradebook, mobile apps, feedback tools, and analytics.

Transition Timeline

UC San Diego began transitioning to Canvas, starting Winter 2019. Instructors will be able to choose to deliver their courses either via TritonEd or Canvas, until the end of Spring 2020.

Why change LMS?

In 2017 UC San Diego evaluated TritonEd to determine if it met the campus' needs. Canvas was contracted as the next LMS. Canvas is available in 2019. TritonEd will be retired in 2020.

Your Canvas support team

The EdTech Support (ETS) staff is here to help you make the switch to Canvas.

About EdTech Services

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