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Instructors can evaluate class comprehension or retention of complex material, and create an interactive learning experience, by polling students using a student response clicker system. This instant feedback enables instructors to tailor lectures to their students' needs by indicating whether to move forward or review material.


At the end of this calendar year, iClicker Classic will no longer be supported. All instructors who wish to continue using iClicker should plan the switch to iClicker Cloud for use no later than the beginning of Winter 2024 term.

We encourage instructors to make the switch to iClicker Cloud as soon as possible.

Throughout this process, both iClicker and EdTech Support are committed to assisting you. The transition is designed to be simple, involving just four easy steps. For steps to transition, visit Before Class.

iClicker Cloud Instructor Checklist

Get started using iClicker Cloud! Contact should you have any inquiries.

Get Started

Download iClicker Cloud

Download the software that will be used to manage polling sessions.

Download iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud Training

Would you like to attend an iClicker Cloud training? Sign up for a 1:1 or iClicker Cloud training with UC San Diego's iClicker representative.

Attend a training

iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud is a similar product that our faculty have gotten used to when using iClickers prior to 2024. iClicker Classic was stored and managed on an instructor's computer. iClicker Cloud will continue to have a desktop component to run polls, but scoring and syncing will be managed on the iClicker Cloud website.

iClicker Cloud offers new enhancements for polling including: GPS attendance; advanced polling question types like target/heat map and long answer; and an online gradbook.

Students and instructors will need to create a signin with iClicker Cloud in order to create classes and register remotes.