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Gradescope is a tool that enables instructors to grade paper-based work quickly and consistently. It also allows instructors to view statistics of the entire class and notify students once their work is graded.

Install Gradescope in Canvas

You will need to first create the connection to Gradescope by following the steps below, before creating the Gradescope course.

  1. Navigate to your course
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select the Navigation tab
  4. Locate Gradescope
  5. Select the three vertical dots next to the tool and select Enable
  6. Select Save
  7. Select the Gradescope link on your side course menu to begin creating your Gradescope course.

Note: The Gradescope course creation process in step 7 must be completed by the instructor of the course - TAs will not be able to set up the Gradescope course and won't have access to the Gradescope course site until after the instructor creates it and syncs the roster with Canvas.

Get Started Using Gradescope

After you've set up Gradescope in Canvas, find video guides for everything you'll need to get started in Gradescope's Help Center.

See Video Guides