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FeedbackFruits Pilot

For Winter 2024 and Spring 2024, UC San Diego is piloting FeedbackFruits, an all-in-one pedagogical tool suite to help implement and scale peer assessments, group work, social annotations, and more.


FeedbackFruits Peer Review and Automated Feedback:

  • FeedbackFruits Peer Review offers a streamlined design that is easy to implement and scale
  • A seamless Canvas integration, multiple deadlines, automated grading and self-assessment/reflection modules help save a tremendous amount of time
  • FeedbackFruits Peer Reviews works with diverse, multimedia deliverables, and allows students to give annotated/time-stamped feedback to their peers
  • Automated Feedback is a personalized AI bot that gives students instant feedback on their lower-order written skills (academic language, citations, layouts), saving time for TAs and for teachers, while giving students more opportunities to get feedback.


FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation:

  • Group work is essential to build 21st-century skills, but free-riding leads to frustration amongst students and a dislike for collaboration
  • Group Member Evaluation helps streamline the way students give each other feedback on their collaboration skills after a group project
  • Instead of using documents or sheets, students use transparent criteria and rubrics to rate each other's skills in one simplified workflow, all in Canvas
  • Automated grading, grades for reading the reviews, and a real-time heat-map of reviews save tremendous time for teachers while encouraging data-driven teaching and learning


Vendor Supported Guidelines

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