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Learn about how CloudLabs, the service that makes university-licensed software available on students' personal devices.

The CloudLabs service was developed as a way to meet the needs of courses that traditionally required computer lab space, but were quickly required to move to a remote space in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a collection of interfaces and platforms, we were able to take most of the software packages offered via our labs and place them in a virtual environment that could be accessed by students with an internet connection.

Although the demand for on-campus physical lab spaces will return along with our students to campus in the Fall, the CloudLabs service will remain as an option for a number of scenarios. 

Are you teaching:

  1. A Hybrid course that requires specialized software access off campus?
  2. An approved remote “R” course that requires specialized software access off campus?
  3. A course with students who may still be studying from a distance or abroad, and need access to specialized software?
  4. Are you interested in exploring an innovative on-campus or hybrid course that would benefit from remote access to applications?

Our CloudLabs service could work for you.

If you have questions about accessing this service, or simply wonder if your needs can be met by the CloudLabs service, you  may request access for your course via an Instructional Technology Request (CINFO)