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Classroom Technology

UC San Diego offers over 120 on-campus classroom and lecture halls dedicated to instruction. All classroom equipment is available for use 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. each day for the duration of each academic term and during finals week. Visit the Classroom Details page for detailed information about general assignment lecture halls and classrooms.  

Teaching spaces feature:

  • Video tracking cameras in 90% of classrooms, enabling live video capture of the instructor and whiteboard.
  • Zoom-ready capability, allowing course lecture audio, video, and slide material to be broadcast live to students, remotely. 
  • Greatly enhanced WiFi strength in all teaching spaces, and dedicated internet ports in each lecture hall.

UC San Diego classrooms

Quick Start Guides and Resources

AV and Zoom Set Up in Lecture Halls and General Classrooms (short video) 

Quick reference guides (also posted in each room):

Classroom support personnel are avaiaible on-demand throughout the quarter to address any needs or questions in your teaching space, and are available to meet before the quarter begins for a classroom AV refresher.  Email or call 858-534-5784 for assistance or to schedule an in-classroom AV walkthrough.

Quick Start Guides

Schedule a Free Classroom AV Walkthrough

New to UC San Diego's classrooms, or simply need an AV refresher? Schedule a free 15 minute demonstration with a technician before your first class to ensure a smooth experience. Our experts will walk you and your TA/IAs through any classroom and ensure you're comfortable using the AV, lighting, and other room controls. Email or call (858) 534-5784 to set up an appointment.

Laptop and AV Equipment Tips

Connect to general assignment classroom media systems and the campus network from a user-provided laptop. Many departments offer laptops for loan to their faculty.  Let us know if we can facilitate a dialogue to expedite your access to a departmental laptop. 

Laptop Tips

  • Always have your AC power supply.
  • Carry a device-specific VGA video adapter with you.
  • HDMI connections are available in all rooms. Your laptop may require an HDMI adapter.
  • Dongles and specialized adapters are available upon request.
  • Familiarize yourself with your device’s monitor resolution and mirroring controls before your first class. 

Wireless Network Access

All classrooms offer wireless internet connectivity and most offer direct network plug ins. If you're having trouble, call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 536-4357 for assistance.

Reserve Speciality Equipment

Non-standard and specialty equipment may be ordered for classroom use: multi-standard VHS players and code-free DVD and Blu-ray Disc players (for media from non-US countries), 16 mm and slide projectors, camcorders, video document cameras, and additional microphones. Some equipment and locations may require a technician for operation and fees may apply. Please order equipment at at least three business days in advance to ensure availability.

Set Up the Next Instructor for Success

A few seconds at the end of each lecture ensures success for the next class:

  1. Please conserve energy and reduce expensive projector lamp replacement by using the touchscreen control’s System Off option to shut down all systems before you leave.
  2. Turn microphone power off and return to the designated drawer
  3. Wrap cables and return to wall hooks.
  4. If you find any equipment to be broken or malfunctioning, please alert out technicians at (858) 536-4357 so we can address the issue immediately.

Contact On-Demand Classroom Support

Call (858) 534-5784 for immediate assistance or email