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Classroom Technology

For on-campus classes, classroom equipment is available for use 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. seven days a week for the duration of each academic term and during finals week. Visit the Classroom Technology page on blink to learn how to request and use technology in UC San Diego classrooms, and get information about general assignment lecture halls and classrooms on the Classroom Details page. 

2021-22 Upgrades to UCSD classrooms

The following upgrades have been made to support on-campus and hybrid instruction.

  • Video tracking cameras in a full 70% of classrooms, which enable live video and capture of both the instructor and the entire whiteboard simultaneously
  • Zoom-ready capability in all classrooms equipped with a video camera. This allows course lecture audio, video, and slide material to be broadcast live to students, wherever they reside.
  • Greatly enhanced WiFi strength in all teaching spaces, and dedicated internet ports in each lecture hall, for instructors that prefer a plug-in connection

Classroom support personnel will be on call throughout the quarter to address any needs or questions, and are available to meet before the quarter begins for a classroom AV refresher.  Email or call 858-534-5784 for assistance or to schedule an in-classroom prep visit. 

PLEASE NOTE: Lecture halls and large classrooms require the use of a lapel mic, rather than a fixed ceiling microphone. If you are teaching in one of these rooms and do not feel comfortable reusing a lapel mic, you may request your own dedicated lapel mic to use throughout the quarter. Please click here to request one (one mic per person please).


Guides and Resources

ETS has conducted classroom audio tests using a disposable mask, a double-layer cloth mask, and no mask.  Verbal clarity was good in all cases. Please see this video for the results: 

Using the AV and Zoom-Ready system:

Quick reference guides (will also be posted in each room):

Quick Start Guides

Speciality Equipment

Non-standard and specialty equipment may be ordered for classroom use: multi-standard VHS players and code-free DVD and Blu-ray Disc players (for media from foreign countries), 16 mm and slide projectors, camcorders, video document cameras, and additional microphones. Some equipment and locations may require a technician for operation and fees may apply. Order equipment at at least three businessdays in advance to ensure availability and avoid late order fees.

Connecting to Media Systems & the Wi-Fi Network

Connect to general assignment classroom media systems and the campus network from a user-provided laptop. Many departments offer laptops for loan to their faculty.

Laptop Tips

  • Always have your AC power supply.
  • Carry a device-specific VGA video adapter with you.
  • HDMI connections are available in most rooms. Your laptop may require an HDMI adapter.
  • Familiarize yourself with your device’s monitor resolution and mirroring controls before your first class. 

Wireless Network Access

All classrooms offer wireless internet connectivity. Machine registration is required before connecting to the UC San Diego network. If you're having trouble, call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 536-4357 for assistance.

Shutting Down After Class

  1. Conserve energy and reduce expensive projector lamp replacement by using the  touchscreen control’s System Off option to shut down all systems before you leave.
  2. Turn microphone power off and return to the designated drawer
  3. Wrap cables and return to wall hooks.


Call (858) 534-5784 for immediate assistance or email